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The Healing Services You Need...Right Here in Sonoma Valley

The CSS Story

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Launched in 2015 

under a partnership between the Sonoma Valley Hospital Foundation and The North Bay Cancer Alliance, Cancer Support Sonoma was originally funded as a research study to assess the effects of complementary therapies on cancer patients. At that time, we were operating out of the hospital. When the study came to an end in October 2017, we had a choice to make: close our doors or find new funding sources and a new home so we could continue to serve our growing clientele. The feedback from patients and a glimpse at study results told us our work has made a significant difference in the lives of those we serve. The request from patients and providers was heartfelt and unanimous: “Please keep Cancer Support Sonoma going.”

So, of course we did.

Our Mission...

... is to physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually support people in our community who are facing cancer treatment, celebrating recovery or entering their end of life due to cancer. We accomplish this by providing integrative, complementary therapies on a sliding scale.​

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A Home Of Our Own

In spring of 2024 we realized our dream of having our own space with individual treatment rooms as well as rooms for group classes and community events.  We were excited to find just the right place, a block from Sonoma Plaza. This move enables us to expand the types of services we can provide, while reaching out to more folks who can benefit from having these services available locally.

The new location at 585 1st St. West is a warm, welcoming environment where clients can share experiences with others who are on their own cancer journey.

Meet the Staff

 Board of Directors

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