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Meet Our Dedicated Practitioners

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All the practitioners at CSS were wonderful through my recovery, and they are helping me maintain afterwards.

Richard P.

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Our Practitioners  
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Patricia Brooks,  LCSW, PhD

Psychotherapist / Group Counselor

A licensed Clinical Social Worker in California, Patricia earned a PhD in Healing Psychology and Integrative Medicine in 2003. She has worked in the health care field for over 40 years specializing in the Mind/Body connection. She is also a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with an eclectic treatment approach tailored to an individual’s needs. Dr. Brooks brings her collaborative approach, compassion, and ability to be present with her clients to CSS.

Annette Huck, CMT

Massage Therapist / Jin Shin Jyutsu Instructor

A valued practitioner at CSS from the very beginning, Annette offers Therapeutic Massage and Jin Shin Jyutsu, a Japanese form of acupressure. Annette brings comprehensive knowledge of both disciplines coupled with sensitivity and intuition. While residing in Germany for most of the year, Annette will be active in Sonoma in the fall and early winter. Other times you can enjoy her weekly healing sessions online. To register, contact  A $10 contribution is appreciated but not required.

Susan O'Toole

Certified Yoga Instructor / Oncology Yoga Specialist

After witnessing the transformative benefits of yoga for a student diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, Susan was inspired to become an Oncology Yoga Specialist. She continues to be amazed at how the practices of yoga and mindfulness can empower her students, while also “softening the edges” of a journey that can be so physically and emotionally challenging.

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