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Community Acupuncture

Affordable acupuncture for all in a GROUP setting. Everyone is welcome! 

Come get needled with your friends! You do not need to have a cancer diagnosis or be affiliated with Cancer Support Sonoma in order to receive group acupuncture.

Now in downtown Sonoma

Drop in or make an appointment in advance with our licensed acupuncturists for a 40-minute relaxing and healing community acupuncture session. The group setting offers a quiet environment to unwind, rest and heal.


Community acupuncture is offered Mondays 11:30-2pm and Thursdays 3-6pm

Cost per session $50, one-time intake fee of $15.

Book a session online, call (707) 509-3549 or drop in to one of the times listed above!

Why Acupuncture?

  • Helps relieve stress, anxiety and depression

  • Pain relief (acute or chronic), muscle tension, joint pain, headaches

  • Allergies and sinus issues

  • Better sleep, digestive issues, hormone balance and detoxification

  • Overall well-being

How often should I get acupuncture?

Acupuncture is most effective when it is done frequently and regularly. Be sure to ask the acupuncturist what may be the best frequency for you specifically.

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